[REVIEW] Astral Chain Is The Next Top Game On The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has had an excellent year so far. A lot of cool games have already been released for the platform and several exciting announcements have been made for the future. So you know that you have a great game almost every month. In addition, you have a few certainties such as Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Pokémon Shield & Sword. Astral Chain intervenes a bit in between. A game from developer Platinum Games, which you mainly know from Bayonetta and Nier Automata. A few months ago I received a presentation from Astral Chain and then I was not very enthusiastic about the game. It felt like a thirteen in a dozen title. So I actually had no expectations. As it often turned out that I was completely wrong. Because Astral Chain is an extremely strong game and once again a perfect addition to the current Nintendo Switch range.

Combination system is excellent in Astral Chain

One of the strongest points of Astral Chain is probably to be found in the field of the combat system. In the game you work with Legion, a partner who is attached to the player via a chain. You fight with your character and the Legion at the same time, taking into account that you cannot use the Legion indefinitely. Fortunately, you quickly get several and you can change easily. Each has its own advantage and a different skill. Because of this, the fights are never annoying. In addition, just like Bayonetta, it uses a great mechanism. If you dodge an attack in time, a slow motion will come in and you will have the opportunity to fight effectively.

Boss Fights Bring You To The Edge Of The Chair

Normal battles are well worth the effort in Astral Chain, but it’s the boss fights that will keep you going. You usually compete against large creatures that have considerable health. You have to think carefully about what the right tactic is to bring down such a beast. They are fights that sometimes take a few minutes and where you can really get everything out of the closet to come out as the winner. The satisfaction that you get when it works is also very large. Certainly when you manage to beat it with a high rating and the associated bonuses.

Astral Chain

The Quiet Parts Are Also Fascinating

What I always find important in action games is that there is a good balance. If you are only brutally struggling, then at some point the fun will go away. Fortunately, Astral Chain has several moments where you have to investigate. That way you find out what exactly is going on. This is necessary for the story to continue, but there are also opportunities at these moments to pick up smaller side missions. Through the conversations you have, the world also comes to life and you start to appreciate the brutal battles more.

Characters Are Well Developed

Another great point about Astral Chain can be found in the area of the characters. Fair is fair, some characters are a bit standard, but there is really room to create unique characters. So you have a colleague who dressed as a dog and calls himself Lappy. It is a bit bizarre, but at the same time very moving. The conversations that you have with the various characters are therefore very worthwhile.

The Beginning Is Not Very Strong

As is often the case with games like this, you get a lot on your plate. As a result, the start is largely designed to teach you everything. The pace is therefore slightly lower. It is not so bad, because it is certainly fascinating enough to continue, but it is certainly less interesting compared to the rest of the game. So give yourself the time and space to get into the game. In the long term you are only grateful.

Astral Chain is again an excellent game on the Nintendo Switch and perhaps one of the better games this year. The game is available from August 30 and appears exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.


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