Rumor: Apple is preparing release set-top box with A12

Nothing wrong with Kodi, but just not my thing. I don’t like the interface. The Apple TV switches fine to 50Hz or 60Hz and does this automatically. (But you can do this if you want to disable 29.7fps).

I don’t watch live TV, because for me that is equivalent to watching advertisements for half an hour (no thank you). I prefer Plex, Netflix and Youtube. We never watch broadcast. Basically everything that a Kodi machine can handle. But there is no experience comparison, because Kodi does not have a remote control (yes you can buy or build one, and no I don’t think the smartphone is a remote control).

Not only that, Kodi cannot transcode, something I need to have to be able to stream properly outdoors. Incidentally, a pi (regardless of which version) cannot transcode anyway since the hardware does not allow it (and if it does, then it will not be much special).

Funny thing is that it is now thought that I don’t like kodi. That is absolutely not true, Kodi is fantastic, but I personally do not like the program so much. On the other hand, I don’t like a pi. SD cards break down much faster than an SSD or HDD. Does not mean that I think it is a bad device, on the contrary, a pi is a top device and certainly for the price.

The only question was, why would people still opt for a set-top box in 2019. And so my answer was given. I think the ATV is just a very pleasant TV viewing experience. It is fast, economical, has a remote control, can operate Homekit / Home Assistant with it and I can listen to Apple Music without having to stream it off my phone.

But to be honest, as an Android user you have little added value with an ATV except that it works well. And the biggest plus point of an ATV is simply simple. Plug and Play, no fuss, no settings required. You don’t even have to do anything during the initial setup except to keep your iPhone close. It also serves as a Homekit Hub at the same time and that is perhaps the most important thing, Airplay always works on it and with Airplay 2 I can stream to all ATVs at the same time.

Besides all that, I also have a server (next to the TV) and could have done it all with that. But the convenience of an ATV is unrivaled in my opinion and for me it is certainly worth it.

I understand everyone who is skeptical, but as several have said here, they prefer their ATV over the Rpi with Kodi. TBH it is not really explainable until you have had one yourself. Also know enough people who had an ATV, went to Android with their smartphone (and therefore no longer thought the ATV needed) and afterwards still want those ATVs again. If only for the WAF.


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