“Apple’s trackers very accurate thanks to Ultra-Wideband”

The date of Apple’s iPhone event is getting closer as Apple announces its latest products on September 10th. One of the products that we expect is the Apple Tracker, an accessory with which you can search for lost items. More information is now known about how accurately these work.

“Appleā€™s tags are very accurate thanks to Ultra-Wideband technology”

The new information comes from the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He claims that Apple will use Ultra-Wideband technology. Earlier, the analyst expressed the expectation that the 2019 iPhones would support this technique. Thanks to Ultra-Wideband, accurate indoor navigation is possible, which is very useful for these trackers. This technology has a limited range, but is less sensitive to obstacles and walls.

UWB is about 100 times more accurate than Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi, which is used by many other trackers such as Tile. A disadvantage is that the range is limited. It is not yet clear whether Apple will only use UWB for the trackers or whether it will be combined with Bluetooth. The latter is probably, because otherwise the trackers would only be suitable for the latest iPhones.

In recent days, more and more information has come out about the Apple Tracker. They probably use augmented reality to find your things and they are part of the Find my app. In our article about the Apple Trackers you can read more about what we expect. Apple may unveil all the details of this new accessory on September 10.

The Apple Tracker, also known as the Apple Tag, is an upcoming accessory from Apple. In recent months a lot of information has come out about this previously announced accessory. In this article we list what we already know about the Apple Tracker and what we expect from this Apple Tag.


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