Atari VCS console will be delivered in March 2020

The Atari VCS will be released in 2020 and will be delivered in March to those who pre-order the console. A pre-order can be placed at some stores in the US or directly via Atari. Americans who have invested money through Indiegogo will receive their copy in December 2019.

Atari says on their official Atari VCS website that the console will be delivered somewhere in the beginning of 2020, with the American company Walmart for example announcing that the device will arrive on 24 March. The team behind the Atari VCS confirms on Indiegogo that there is a delivery in March next year.

That ends the crowdfunding campaign on that platform; the counter is at more than three million dollars. Multiple versions of the console are coming out. For example, customers get a version with 4GB ram for $250 dollars, the VCS 400. In addition, there is the VCS 800 that has 8GB ram. These versions are delivered without the accompanying gamepad and joystick, which cost 60 and 50 dollars respectively.

Atari is also releasing a package with the VCS 800, the game pad and the joystick for $390 in total. Whether the console will also be available in Europe from March 2020 and for which euro price is unknown. The console contains the AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000-soc, with which a Vega 3GPU and a Zen-CPU architecture take care of the calculations.

This makes it possible, according to Atari, to play content in 4K resolutons combined with 60 FPS and HDR with their VCS console, Atari is one of the first parties to implement this features. Furthermore, the amount of storage space can be expanded and Bluetooth 5.0, USB 3.0, WiFi and an Ethernet connection will be available.

In fact, the Atari VCS is a Linux PC with more than a hundred retro Atari games, such as Missile Command and Pong, although there will also be new games for the console. The VCS also supports a sandbox mode, so that any desired OS can be placed on the device.


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