BioWare: Good Progress On Dragon Age 4 And Other Secret Projects

BioWare: Gute Fortschritte bei Dragon Age 4 und weiteren noch geheimen Projekten

BioWare continues to work on developing Dragon Age 4, as the studio’s Genera Manager has announced in a new info update. The development team is currently growing while the project is still in the pre-production phase. There are also other major projects underway.

With the current info update on the official site BioWare reveals some details about the current projects of the studio. The general manager Casey Hudson has, among other things, “Anthem” and “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. But much more interesting are the few words on upcoming projects that could be described in less detail.

Several big projects in progress

According to Hudson, BioWare has several major projects in the pipeline, most of which are still top secret. One of them is obviously “Dragon Age 4”, which was already confirmed at the 2018 Game Awards with a teaser trailer. Development is evidently slowly gaining momentum, even though it is still in the pre-production phase.

Hudson said, “We have several other major projects in the works. I wish I could tell you more about it, but for now they are mostly super-secret. However, I can say that one of our projects has a large and growing Edmonton team working on pre-production, and based on the progress I see, I can confirm that the Dread Wolf is actually rising. ”

The first teaser trailer for “Dragon Age 4” already called “The Dread Wolf Rises”. Accordingly, Hudson gives a clear indication of the game with these words. It is not yet known which new projects will be developed.

Hudson also confirmed that BioWare Edmonton has moved into new studio space after almost 15 years. The new, state-of-the-art facilities aim to use the latest technologies to develop future projects. The complete September update of BioWare can be found on the official site.

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