The Sims 4 – The 5th Birthday Brings You Free Content And The New Stair Feature

Die Sims 4

“The Sims 4” is already 5 years old this week, and EA released a lot of new free add-on content for the life simulation and made a dream come true for any stairwell builder.

On 02 September 2014, the popular simulation game The Sims 4 has officially appeared. Two days later, the official release took place here in Germany. And how do you celebrate that best? Of course with free content and curved stairs for the loyal players!

Yesterday, the grateful developers of Maxis released a variety of free content for the “The Sims 4”. Among them are numerous new outfits and objects for children and adults, visually inspired by the Muslim culture. So there are even Kufi, Hijab and less revealing sports and swimwear to allow even more creative and inclusive unfolding in the game.

Die Sims 4

With this summer-inspired clothing and the new accompanying patio furniture, your Sims can celebrate the birthday of the fourth simulation part so duly. Producer Graham Nardone describes the new content like this:

“[…] To celebrate the 5th anniversary of The Sims 4, we wanted to make sure that the new creations contained funny allusions to The Sims, but still can be used in a variety of ways and integrated into any wardrobe or home. We have the idea of an open-air celebration with friends and some things that we’ve added to the game this year, such as: As lounge chairs and stilts Foundations, so much that we have created a new terrace set. The furniture itself is available in a variety of looks, from rich colors to fun patterns, such as: Such as the Sims classics Plumbobs, Barbecue Cheese and Flamingos.”

There are finally corner stairs

The biggest change, probably to the delight of many accomplished “The Sims” players, is probably the new staircase feature. So far, the staircase construction in “The Sims 4” has set some limits, but from now on, the steps can be rotated by a further 90 or 180 degrees. It should be able to act very intuitive and the stairs even several times in the height or in the depth and can rotate. L- and U-shaped entries and exits are no longer a dream.

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