“The iPhone 11 will only get updated design, 5G and better navigation indoors in 2020”

2019 will be an intermediate year for the iPhone. Significant improvements will be implemented in 2020, including a new design, 5G and better cameras.

“iPhone 2020 design completely renewed, also better cameras”

This is claimed by Ming-Chi Kuo, a generally very reliable source. The Apple expert, who advises wealthy clients as an analyst at an investment bank, has set out his predictions about the iPhone 2020 in a memo. According to the insider, we can expect three changes.

First, according to Kuo, the iPhone 2020 will be given a completely new design. Details about this design unfortunately remain in the middle. In addition, Kuo predicts that next year’s iPhone will have 5G. Thanks to the successor to 4G, you can use the internet faster, although for the time being we have little use in the Netherlands. The network still needs to be activated here.

Kuo also suspects that the camera of the iPhone 2020 is greatly improving. This prediction is striking. All rumors indicate that the iPhone 2019 is also significantly improved in terms of camera performance.

Finally, Kuo indicates that the iPhone 2020 is equipped with Ultra Wide Band technology. This allows you to navigate a lot more precisely in covered shopping centers, parking garages and, for example, airports. The analyst thinks that Apple uses iBeacon, a technique that helps to accurately determine one’s location.

Over The iPhone 11

After months of rumors, leaked information and speculation, September 10 is the day. Then the iPhone 11 event takes place. It is almost certain that we will see three new Apple phones here. In addition to successors for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max (or iPhone 11 Pro), the iPhone XR 2019 is also revealed.

This device becomes the affordable alternative to the other two phones. In order to save costs, the successor to the iPhone XR therefore probably “only” has a double camera lens. The iPhone 11 and 11 Max will probably get a triple camera on the back, placed in a striking bump.

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