This has already leaked out about the iPhone 11

Apple will be presenting the new iPhones on 10 September. Much has been leaked about the new Apple products. This was done, among other things, via the iOS testing software and the specifications that the makers of cases received. Erwin lists 11 things that have leaked out about the iPhone 11:

Three models

The ‘iPhone 11’ (6.1 inch) is the successor of the iPhone XR. The ‘iPhone 11 Pro’ (5.8 inch) relieves the XS and the ‘iPhone 11 Pro Max’ (6.5 inch) the XS Max. Where Apple did two years with a design in the past, it has now been three years. The new iPhones have the same “form factor” as those from 2018 and 2017.


The iPhone 11 has, just like the XR, an LCD screen, the Pro models have the better OLED just like their predecessors. Will Apple join the race for high-refresh-rate screens that make all movement look smoother? It will matter whether this happens already this year. It is obvious that Apple chooses ProMotion, its dynamic high-refresh rate screen technology that it already uses in the iPad Pro. 3D Touch will disappear completely in the screens on the new iPhones. Just like on the XR last year, Haptic Touch will replace it.


The new A13 chip in the iPhone is joined by a co-processor to help with AR. Code name is AMX or “Matrix”.

Matte glass

The new iPhones, or at least the Pro models, get frosted glass on the back instead of the shiny ice rink that is now on it. There will also be a green version.

Charge AirPods

You can charge your AirPods on the back of the Pro models (if you have the right case). We have already seen such “reverse wireless charging” at Samsung.


The Pro models get a camera with three lenses: telephoto, wide angle and super wide angle, as many competitors already have. The iPhone 11 has two lenses (telephoto and wide angle). That would produce a rather striking ‘camera bump’. The third lens provides more optical zoom. The new camera promises better video specs and better low-light photos. The selfie camera goes from 7 to 12 megapixels.

Face ID

Face ID on the front also gets an update and has to work on the new iPhones in a wider angle, so that you can also unlock if the device is lying flat on the table, for example.

Not yet 5G

The new iPhones will not yet support 5G, that is expected in 2020, but WiFi 6.


It is still unclear whether this generation of iPhones will switch from Lightning to USB-C. The MacBooks have already been switched. The iPad Pro also uses USB-C. Maybe only the iPhone Pro gets USB-C? We are more certain that the new iPhones will not be delivered with fast chargers.


The prices have not leaked yet but the expectation is that the prices will remain approximately the same as last year. The starting price (without trade-in) for an iPhone 11 is around €850. For the Pro that will be €1150 and for the Pro Max another hundred euros. The new iPhones would be available from September 20.

Apple Watch, AirPods

Finally, the iPhone accessories: Apple Watch, AirPods and the HomePod. The Apple Watch Series 5 is exactly like the previous one that has just received a whole makeover. Allegedly there will be a titanium and ceramic version.

A water-resistant version of the AirPods may be announced, just like the Powerbeats Pro, which will be slightly more expensive.

And a smaller, cheaper version of the HomePod may appear with only two tweeters instead of seven, as in the current model.

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