Atari VCS Gets Slightly Changed Appearance That Looks More Like Atari 2600

The Atari VCS gets a new look that should look more like the original Atari 2600. The biggest change is a small increase under the console. The console ‘floats’ above the floor, just like the original.

According to the manufacturer’s Medium message, the floating effect of the Atari 2600 often emerged in conversations with Atari employees and others. The consensus was that the VCS should have a similar effect. That is why the makers have placed a small increase under the console.

Thanks to this riser, the console now has room for two USB 3.0 ports on the front, according to Atari. With an earlier design, there were four ports at the rear. In the final design there are two gates in front and two gates behind. The front ports should make the console more user-friendly, because users can quickly plug in a USB stick, for example.

According to Atari, moving the ports also made it clear that the SD card reader was unnecessary. Storage media that work with usb can be found everywhere, so a reader like that is not needed, says the console builder. Atari also points out that this is in line with what other console builders do.

The last external change has to do with the red-lit Atari logo and the four LED lights that were shown on some renders. The four lights will be canceled and the Atari logo will soon be illuminated white. The logo is used to communicate system information, such as whether the device is switched on, whether accessories are connected and whether there is an internet connection. This is communicated with different light patterns. Atari also gives the joysticks and controllers a white illuminated logo. The controllers will show the company later.

Finally, Atari indicates that the production process of the console has been adjusted. Where the ‘ribs’ of the console would first be produced separately and the package of eighteen layers would be glued together, the console now consists of four parts. According to Atari, this new construction is stronger, uses less residual material and can be manufactured faster. Production is also cheaper.

The new console is 31.2 cm wide, 15 cm deep and 5.1 cm high. In March, Atari announced that the console will be delayed until 2020 due to a switch to an AMD Ryzen apu. In advance, the console costs 286 euros converted into VAT for a variant without controllers, an Atari VCS with controller and joystick costs 388 euros converted into VAT. The console comes with retro games, but new games will also come out for the console, says Atari.

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