Developers complain about problems with iCloud in beta from iOS 13

The course of the iOS 13 beta does not run smoothly. Apple released the last beta of iOS 13 on August 21 and has already launched the beta of iOS 13.1, which includes some features that were originally planned for iOS 13.0. It is therefore still unclear which version Apple will release in September. In addition, there are also many complaints about the current quality of the iOS 13 beta. Both developers and users complain about the stability. Especially iCloud has to suffer, says the developer of the drawing app Linea.

Problems with iCloud in beta of iOS 13

The synchronization of data in iCloud in a beta version of iOS 13 is very unstable according to Craig Hockenberry. Users of the Linea app had previously lost data, forcing the maker to block the drawing app for users with iOS 13. Although it has gotten better in the latest beta versions, it is still not at the level it should be for a public release.

It therefore seems that Apple has postponed some functions related to iCloud. Apple has reversed some changes in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina for iCloud, which means that sharing of folders in iCloud Drive is not yet possible. It is now suggested that the feature only appears in iOS 13.2 or perhaps later.

Hockenberry believes that a service such as iCloud should never be in beta, even when used in combination with beta software. Apple itself always warns that you should never use beta software on devices that you use every day. We also advise against using beta versions on your daily device. But because a service like iCloud synchronizes the same data between your device with a public iOS version and a beta version, an unreliable effect affects all your devices. We have also experienced on testing devices that iCloud does not always work reliably at the moment.

Good hope for public version

With the rollback of features, developers have good hope that iCloud will work properly again as soon as iOS 13 appears to the general public. We still expect the release date of iOS 13 to take place in about two weeks. Which version that is exactly (iOS 13.0, iOS 13.1 or perhaps iOS 13.0.1) we dare not yet say with certainty.

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