iPod touch 2019: 4 Expectations For Apple’s Updated Media Player

Apple doesn’t turn the iPod touch into a vintage yet: in a month or two it will probably present a new variant of the media player. What can we expect from the iPod touch 2019?

Overview: our iPod touch 2019 expectations

The age of the iPod is not over yet, because Apple would give the iPod touch a makeover after four years. Something we look forward to. Because after the company already canceled the iPod nano and iPod shuffle in 2017, Apple does not seem to have forgotten the touch.

The new iPod touch is expected to be unveiled simultaneously with the iPad 2019 and iPad mini 2019 during the first keynote of the year, probably sometime in March. These are our expectations for the iPod touch 2019.


1. Modern, improved design

The iPod touch is the most affordable way to get acquainted with iOS. We expect that Apple wants to keep it that way, and so the design in particular does not give a major makeover to reduce costs.

That does not mean that no improvements are being made in the field of design. The first concept photos and video surfaced even show an iPhone X-like design, with a borderless screen and a notch. ConceptsiPhone shows this idea in the video below.

Yet it sounds more likely that this will not become reality, but the iPod maker chooses the current design as the basis. The screen would then become larger, and the screen edges a lot smaller. Furthermore, we expect that, following the example of the iPhone XR, the different color options will also return with the iPod touch 2019.

2. New A-series chip

The current sixth generation iPod touch runs on the A8 chip that can also be found in the iPhone 6. It is to be expected that Apple will also tackle the new iPod under the hood, and insert a newer A-series chip in it.

Perhaps the current A12 chip is a bit too pricey and superfluously powerful, but the A11 chip – included in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X – would be a perfect match. This allows the iPod touch to last a number of years, but hopefully the price remains reasonable.

An A12 chip would, however, be a more logical choice if Apple wanted to focus more on games with the iPod touch in addition to music and podcasts. The iPod is also ideal for that, and with such a powerful chip it would be all games of Apple’s possible gaming service.

3. Touch ID

The iPod touch has never been equipped with Apple’s fingerprint scanner, but it would not be strange if that happens with this version. Touch ID has already been replaced by Face ID on various iPhones and the iPad Pro 2018, and Touch ID has become an affordable option for Apple.

With this the company from Cupertino can normally show that privacy is of paramount importance by also upgrading the security of the media player. And a lot more convenient than always entering an access code.

4. Larger size

Not only do the surfaced concepts suggest that the design can be considerably different, they also all show a larger size for the iPod touch 2019. The updated iPod would have a size of 7 inches. This would put the device between the iPhone XS Max and the iPad mini in terms of size.

In combination with smaller screen edges, this format would offer considerably more space for iPod users. Especially if Apple also wants to put the iPod touch more on the market as a gaming device, a larger format would be a smart move.

In addition, it is a welcome improvement if you not only use your iPod touch for listening to music, but also regularly check music videos or YouTube on it. Just like the current iPhones, the iPod 2019 would not fit in your pocket that easily anymore.

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