Play Many Classics Game On The Atari Flashback Gold

Big or small, we love gadgets and in many cases we don’t care if we really need it. More often than not there is a price that we can hardly justify. That’s why it’s nice if someone points out the best deals. This time we found the new Atari Flashback Gold at the Lidl. This is the best gadget and tech deal of the day.

Lidl: Atari Flashback Gold

It sometimes seems cool to go back in time and play an old-fashioned game of Space Invaders on a retro console. Fortunately, you no longer need to purchase a time travel machine for that. You just have to get the Atari Flashback Gold 9, connect it to your TV, call your friends and play!

The Atari Flashback Gold 9 easily takes you back in time. The cool console contains no less than 120 retro Atari and Activision games that you can use for hours. From Space Invaders to River Raid, it’s all there. In addition, you don’t have to take your dusty picture tube from the attic, because of the HDMI connection you can easily connect the Atari console to your new HD TV!

In addition to the many game options, the Flashback Gold 9 also looks cool. It looks like the console is just from the 80s, but it has a new fresh look. With the console you get two handy wireless controllers but, you can also just plug in your old trusted Atari controllers for the real retro feeling!

Lots of games for a small price

You do not have to worry that you put down a lot of money for this great console. The Atari Flashback Gold 9 now only costs $99, – and you can find it at the Lidl or online at the Lidl shop. No money for a console with 120 games with which you can recall many great memories.

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