Schooltime Mode For Apple Watch Discovered In Code iOS 13

The closer we get to the upcoming event, the more information is leaked. This time there is more information about a number of new features for the Apple Watch. For example, Apple is working on a Schooltime mode that is especially useful for students who are easily distracted. The new new complications are for the previously leaked sleep mode and there will even be a whole new dial.

Apple Watch Schooltime mode leaked

With an Apple Watch in the classroom you can be easily distracted, especially if you forward all notifications from your iPhone and if you have many apps on your Apple Watch. You can easily put your iPhone in a bag, but your Apple Watch is always on your wrist. That’s why Apple is working on a Schooltime mode, MacRumors discovered. Instructions for this new position have been found in the code of iOS 13. Apple has also hidden a matching icon in the code, with three figures on it, one of which sticks its hand up.

The Schooltime mode will probably block apps, complications and notifications. So it is a kind of Do Not Disturb mode, but only for the moments when you are in class. In the Watch app on the iPhone you can set when the Schooltime mode should be active, for example every school day. The Schooltime function can be useful for both primary and secondary school students and for students in MBO, HBO and WO.

New combination and dials

There are also indications of new combinations for the Apple Watch. These are small blocks of info and buttons on the dial. The combinations that have been discovered are Altitude (height), Latitude (latitude), Longitude (longitude) and Sleep. The latter may be useful for activating the sleep function, which was recently covered by more details.

Apple may be working on a specific watch face for this sleep feature. A code line has been found in the code called ClockFaces-Burrito. Burrito is the code name that Apple uses for the sleep function. What the dial and the new complications look like, is unknown.

It is still unclear on which models these functions will all become available. Schooltime sounds like a feature that works without problems on all Apple Watch models, as long as they can be updated to the latest watchOS version. The sleep function may only work with the latest models. It is therefore still unclear whether Apple will release an Apple Watch Series 5. We recently suggested that an Apple Watch Series 4S is a good idea.

Even more small discoveries

Other small discoveries from MacRumors are a new setting in the Camera app for low-exposure photos. Clues have also been found for a tournament function in Game Center. Unfortunately, there are no details about both functions. Finally, an image of AR or VR glasses has been discovered. It is about an icon, to indicate the glasses in apps and settings on your iPhone. It is therefore probably not an indication of the final design. The code name Garta was previously discovered for the AR glasses.

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