This is what we know about the new Playstation 5


According to those hards, you play games on a PC that has been specially formulated for that purpose. For gamers who prefer to play on the couch, the choice is fairly simple, an Xbox or Playstation.

The PS4 Pro has been around for a while, but it’s time for new gadgets in gameland. A new Playstation 5 is coming. But what these will look like and what you can do with it is still a bit of a guess. Yet quite a lot is already known about the new gaming console from Sony.

This is what we know about the new Playstation 5

In addition to the expected improved specifications, such as a faster processor, better image quality, etc., little is yet clear. The development of the Playstation 5 is in full swing when we have to believe the rumors, because game developers like Ubisoft say they are fully engaged in new games.

To get them all on time for the release will probably not work, but it is certain that some big titles will accompany the launch of the PS5.

Release Date

When you have to lie down for the MediaMarkt for the new console, Sony has not yet announced. There is a lot of speculation about the release date. Rumors show that the PS5 would initially launch on November 19, 2019, but to be able to play enough games immediately, it was postponed to the spring of next year.

The big competitor of the Playstation, the Xbox from Microsoft, has been announced for the fall of 2020. Sony will therefore have to hurry. A specific date is still not available.

Reviving old games on the PS5

The Playstation will be backwards compatible. In kale Dutch this means that you can also play the “old” games of the PS4 on the new game console. A new technology on the PS5 makes these games playable in 4K and possibly even in 8K in the future!

Virtual reality

VR can of course not be missing on the new game console. Sony has made a start on this with the PS VR. The new generation console will therefore support this technology better and run even smoother.


Netflix and Spotify stream millions of episodes and songs every day. The PS5 will also be able to do this. With internet becoming faster and faster, streaming games is also gaining ground. It is expected that the gaming computer will continue to build on the streaming techniques that are already available and that there will be a streaming service for games. In addition to Netflix and Spotify, you can also subscribe to the thickest games.


The 3D designs that you see here are made by LetsGoDigital based on leaked production drawings. They already indicate that they are not 100% sure whether these were actually production drawings of the new PS5 and also knew that this has happened more often, and that the final designs deviate considerably from the production drawings. As far as we are concerned: luckily.

Price of the Playstation 5

Then the price tag. The PS4 and PS4 Pro were both for sale for € 399 from the launch. According to experts, the Playstation 5 will get a high suggested retail price than its two predecessors due to the stronger hardware. They will not again make the mistake of throwing the price as high as the PS3. This was namely offered for € 499, which led to much criticism and poor sales of the new console.

This is what we know so far, which will probably have a definitive date in 2020.

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