Special guests on red carpet at the House of Animals Awards 2019

On Thursday evening, 3 October, the Golden Birds will be presented in the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam to Dutch media who in the past year paid special attention to animal welfare. In addition to many animal-loving Dutch celebrities, one will also have a special seven-person walk on the red carpet, a guest from Dierenopvang Amsterdam (DOA).

Speciale gasten op rode loper bij de House of Animals Awards 2019
Seven special guests on a red carpet at the House of Animals Awards 2019 | Photos: DOA i.s.m. House of Animals

This year, famous animal lovers such as Guido Weijers, Floortje Dessing, Loretta Writer, Eddy Terstall, Tony Neef, Lauren Verster and Giel Beelen are accompanied on the red carpet by very special guests: seven dogs from the Amsterdam DOA animal shelter. The public can get to know Yara the affectionate attention-grabber, Bentley the inquisitive active, Theo the sensitive detective, Chucky the playful teddy bear, Roxy the social dreamer and Robin the handsome companion friend.

Red carpet for asylum animals

Pittbull Jolly, “the enthusiastic pressure maker”, is accompanied by Ysbrand, Lilah, Scarlett and Boudine, the children who will hand over the Golden Bird in the youth category. Jolly was seriously neglected when she was taken care of by DOA, but now it is a happy jump in the field. Karen Soeters, initiator and founder of House of Animals:

“With these special guests on the eve of animal day, we would like to draw attention to those incredibly sweet animals in the shelter who are looking for a home.”

Speciale gasten op rode loper bij de House of Animals Awards 2019
Karen and pit bull Jolly, “the enthusiastic pressure maker” | Photo: House of Animals i.s.m. DOA


The Golden Birds have been created to get animal welfare in the media for structural attention. Karen Soeters:

“The motto of the House of Animals Awards 2019 is” We inspire change “and is about the change that we want to bring about together for animals, by people. So also for Jolly, Bentley, Yara, Robin, Theo, Roxy and Chucky, all of whom deserve a loving new home and are waiting for adoption. ”

Among the nominees of the House of Animals Awards this year are RTL News, RamBam, Nieuwsuur, Quote and many others.

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